How To Find The Best Mountain Bike For Heavy Riders? Here's How!

You've come to the perfect place if you're overweight and unsure if you're too big to start mountain biking. Many of us can experience weight problems due to lack of exercise, stress, or not having enough time to cook healthy food. Now, let's see if manufacturers design mountain bikes for heavy riders and how to choose the best mountain bike for heavy riders.

What to consider when choosing the best mountain bikes for heavy riders?

As you probably know, mountain bikes are highly durable bikes capable of withstanding harmful agents on mountainous terrain. These bikes, for example, have to withstand constant shaking on bumpy roads. So we think that weight shouldn't be a big deal for high-quality mountain bikes.

But the problem here is that most mountain bike manufacturers don't mention a weight specification for users. Big and tall riders can find it difficult to find a bike that can support their weight. Here are some points you need to focus on when looking for the best mountain bike for heavy riders. 

best mountain bike for heavy riders

Frame material 

The first and most important thing you need to consider when choosing the best mountain bike for big guys is the frame material. Currently, there are 3 popular materials to manufacture heavy-duty mountain bikes, which are:

- Carbon fiber

- Alloy

- Steel

Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest material, followed by alloys, steel, and aluminum. However, the price of mountain bikes with carbon fiber frames is usually higher. If you are considering the best mountain bikes for tall and heavy riders yet affordable, the ones with aluminum or alloy frames might be the best choice for you.

Wheel width

One thing you need to remember when buying a mountain bike is that the heavier the rider, the wider the wheels must be. Therefore, wide wheels can support the weight and provide better traction. If you are heavyweight, choose the best mountain bike for heavy riders with wide wheels because this can give you better control on bumpy terrains, especially taking corners. For the best price, you can search on Best Buy and compare the prices from many sellers and choose the best mountain bike for yourself. 

Wider seat

For fun and comfortable rides, it would be better to select a mountain bike with a large saddle being suitable for your body. Upgrade to a wide and well-cushioned seat for long hours of riding comfort.

Number of spokes

Note that bicycle rims and spokes can break if the rider's pressure is too great. So manufacturers have designed wider rims and more spokes for the best mountain bike for 100kg rider to overcome this problem. Choose bikes with 32-36 spokes made from stainless steel or magnesium alloy as they are stronger. Please ride properly and ensure your safety every time conquering all terrains.

Top best mountain bikes for heavy riders

2020 Ibis DV9 NX

2020 Ibis DV9 NX

The new model of the Ibis DV9 series is highly appreciated by experts and riders. This type of heavy-duty bike has good quality and is suitable for the high demands of riders. The DV9 NS comes with standard 29” wheels and a 1×11 SRAM SX drivetrain. It also has 120mm of travel RockShox forks, making it easy to hit the roads while enjoying the atmosphere. Besides these advantages, this best mountain bike for heavy riders also has a lightweight but strong carbon fiber frame. You can also buy yourself this bike if you often cycle around town. 


Frame material

Carbon Fiber Monocoque
Wheel size 29 inches
Tire Width Up to 2.6 inches
Saddle WTB Silverado Pro 142mm width
Fork travel 120mm

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

This best mountain bike for heavy riders with fat tires will not let you down. The 26-inches wheels are equipped for this heavy-duty mountain bike to withstand heavy weight and climb hills better. The high-carbon steel frame and double disc brakes offer solid construction and easy control. So, you can go up any terrain easily while controlling the speed effectively. Visit eBay now to shop for the best mountain bikes at affordable prices. 


Frame material  High-carbon steel frame
Wheel size 26 inches
Tire Width up to 4 inches
Brake Double disc

Mongoose Tyax 27.5 Expert

Mongoose Tyax 27.5 Expert

As one of the best mountain bikes for heavy riders, the Tyax 27.5 Expert comes from a top-rated manufacturer and brand. Equipped with the SRAM SX Eagle powertrain, the Mongoose Tyax Expert is considered a "monster" on the trails. It also has Shimano BR-M400 disc brakes that are powerful enough to stop the bike no matter how fast you're running. 


Frame material  Aluminum
Wheel size 27.5 inches
Tire Width 2.6 inches
Saddle Mongoose MTB
Fork travel 100 - 110mm

GHOST SLAMR 2.9 29" Bike

GHOST SLAMR 2.9 29 Bike

GHOST SLAMR is a perfect choice if you are looking for the best full suspension mountain bike for heavy riders. The advantage of this product line is that its frame material is stiff and strong hydroformed aluminum which is lightweight and durable to use. Ghost also uses high-quality tires for the front and rear wheels that excel in all terrains and tough trail conditions, including mud and rocks. Many riders reviewed that the GHOST SLAMR 29" mountain bike is the perfect combination of speed, agility as well as control for trail performance. 


Frame material  Aluminum
Wheel size 29 inches
Tire Width

2.5 inches (front)

2.4 inches (rear)

Saddle Ergon SM10 Stealth
Fork travel 130 millimeters

To wrap up

Mountain biking is undoubtedly one of the favorite sports for many people. But for heavy riders, finding the best mountain bike can be a challenge. Hopefully, our post can help you know how to choose the best mountain bike for heavy riders and get the right one for your need.

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