Best Golf Carts Decorated For Halloween: Easy Decorating Ideas

As Halloween is coming, many people begin to think about how they can decorate their homes to scare trick-or-treaters and passersby. For some, this may include pumpkin carving, decorating the front door with gruesome characters, or even hanging fake spider webs around the house. But what about individuals who want to elevate their decorations to the next level?

One option is to decorate a golf cart. With a little bit of imagination, you can transform the golf cart into eerie ghost ships, haunted ghost carts, and more with spider webs, skeleton bones, witches' hats, and so on. If you’re looking for some inspiration on golf carts decorated for Halloween, then look no further.

halloween golf carts

Why Halloween golf cart decor is necessary?

A golf cart is a vehicle used to transport golfers and equipment around the golf course. Golf carts are available in a variety of shapes, and sizes, with varying speeds and agility. So why golf carts decorated for Halloween is necessary?

One of the major reasons is that Halloween golf cart decor can help promote your business if you are selling products or services related to this noble sport. Adding Halloween decorations to golf carts can add atmosphere, excitement, and fun when Halloween approaches. This can make the game more enjoyable and increase the chances that golfers will remember your company and even visit during the Halloween season. 

What's more, many people refer to Halloween themed golf cart in order to decorate their carts and join the golf cart parade or contest at the spookiest festival. Very interesting! Have you picked out your Halloween theme? It's not too late. Keep reading and decorate your gift cart.

Best Halloween golf cart decorating ideas

Down below are some of our top picks for creative and easy golf cart Halloween decorations. Refer to and don't forget to choose the most impressive decoration style for the next spooky festival. 

Haunted Ghost golf cart

Haunted Ghost golf cart

Mentioning Halloween, you are sure to think about ghosts and something that are horrifying. A ghost golf cart will definitely make a great decoration for this Halloween. Here’s how to get these golf carts decorated for Halloween:

  • Take stretchable spider webs and place them along the sides and front windows of the cart. Ensure that the spider webs do not obstruct your view while driving.
  • Next, you naturally put some rubber spiders in the webs. 
  • Cut some cardboard in the shape of graves and attach them to the sides of your cart. 
  • You continue drawing ghosts on some cardboard, cutting and sticking them to the graves. 
  • Add some Halloween pumpkin head string lights around the golf cart. 
  • Finally, finish your Halloween golf cart with a large inflatable spider on the cart's roof. 

Pumpkin Head golf cart idea

Pumpkin Head golf cart idea

If you have ever participated in golf cart decorations for Halloween parade, you will not feel strange with golf carts decorated with carved pumpkins. And the interesting thing is that this idea has never gone out of fashion, only the carts in the following season are decorated more elaborately than in the previous seasons. The golf carts become more eye-catching and suitable for the festival when you shape the pumpkins and place them on the rooftop. Ghost-shaped or pumpkin head string lights are attached to the front of the cart, while large spiders are attached around the cart to create a festive atmosphere.

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Eerie ghost ships golf carts

Eerie ghost ships golf carts

Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the characters chosen by many to dress up for Halloween. But have you ever thought about transforming your golf cart into the mascot in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, the ship? We are sure that this will be among the best golf cart Halloween decorations this year. Follow the following steps to make a ghost ship decor:

  • Cut out large cardboard into even pieces.
  • Match the pieces together on each side and front of the golf cart to shape the ship.  
  • Paint the cardboard so that it looks like the real version of the ship in the movie. Or you can unleash your creativity to make it look its best and spookiest.
  • Make the sail for the ship out of wooden slats and dress up with thin white fabric.
  • Add anchors and chains to both sides of the ship. 
  • Finally, you can place a skull right in front of the ship to create a horrifying feeling. Done!

Cemetery Halloween golf cart

Cemetery Halloween golf cart

This is similar to the haunted house concept which was very popular in the past. Transform the golf cart into a graveyard twist by decorating it in black fabric and adding spider webs, skeletons, and other creepy props. Add a few more vulture models to give your golf cart a more creepy atmosphere. Create a sign with the words "Beware of zombies" on the golf cart for added effects. 

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In the spirit of Halloween, joining a Halloween golf cart parade make your decorated golf carts become more special. This article on golf carts decorated for Halloween has creative and easy ideas you need to get your cart all fixed up for the spooky festival.

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