Best TV Mount For Above Fireplace Of 2022: Here're Our Top Picks

Mounting a TV above the fireplace can free up your space and give an aesthetic look, but it's also a very complicated task for a number of reasons, such as heat from the fireplace. But by choosing a suitable, easy-to-install, and secure TV mount, you can easily mount your TV above the fireplace. Scan through our list of the best TV mount for above fireplace and and get the best one to free up space, upgrade your experience and enhance safety at home. 

TV mount above fireplace

How we choose the best TV mount for above fireplaces?

We've compiled this section to help you know what to look for when choosing a TV mount above the fireplace. Whether you choose a pull-down TV mount or opt for a TV wall mount, please pay attention to what we are about to say to get the best one. 

  • Affordability: There are many manufacturers out there offering TV mounts over fireplace at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our research shows that TV mounts may cost hundreds of dollars, but keep in mind that quality doesn't always equate to price. We recommend choosing durable and heavy-duty steel TV mounts, as they are reasonably priced while giving you a great theater experience at home.
  • Installation: We recommend giving preference to TV mounts that are easy to install. The best type of TV mount for above fireplace today is designed to be simple enough for users to install on their own without requiring a technician.
  • Weight capacity: It would be better if you checked the weight capacity of the TV mount when choosing the best TV mount for above fireplace. You all know that there is no certain weight for TVs, so you must ensure the item you choose is able to hold the TV firmly and securely. We recommend choosing a TV mount that can support twice or at least more than the weight of your TV.
  • View angle: If your product can answer questions like “Is it comfortable?" “Can it be rotated?” “Does it cause neck pain or eye strain?”, congratulations, you have got the best TV mount for above fireplace. Also, TV mounts with wide viewing angles are preferred because they are very flexible and secure.
  • Range of motion: TV mounts allow you to tilt, rotate, pull down, and adjust the angle with ease. Depending on the size of the TV, you can choose the right mount.
  • Hardware: Don't forget to consider the hardware coming with the TV mount, such as concrete anchors, studs, and other essential tools to mount the TV as they can save you more effort and time. Some TV mounts come with these tools, but others require you to purchase them yourself.

Top best TV mounts for above fireplaces

To find the best mount for TV above fireplace, we first looked at Best Buy, eBay, and Walmart's best-selling TV mount rankings. By analyzing reviews from previous users, the number of sales, and the outstanding features of TV mounts, we narrowed down the list below for you. Here are some of the best TV mount for above fireplace you shouldn't miss out on. 

MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Mount

MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

If you are on the market to buy a budget and quality TV mount, this is a perfect choice as it has many options for you to experience. This best pull down TV mount over fireplace is designed with a handle so that you can adjust the TV height to suit your viewing angle. Our testing group experienced this item and was able to adjust the TV after 6 minutes of learning. Not only suitable for mounting the TV above the fireplace, MantelMount MM340 is also designed to fit anywhere in your home. With this appliance, you can easily pull down the TV or rotate it left and right by 30° to avoid neck pain or eye strain while watching TV.

Sanus Premium Series Advanced Tilt 4D TV Wall Mount 

Sanus Premium Series Advanced Tilt 4D TV Wall Mount

Our team found this Sanus product on Best Buy and this is also the Best Buy mount TV over fireplace we love the most. The Sanus Advanced TV mount is made of durable steel construction, which makes it ideal for anywhere in your home, including above a fireplace or outdoors. At $169.99 setting at the time of writing, we think that it's within the affordability of most customers. The necessary hardware and equipment that comes with this best TV wall mount for above fireplace make your installation process simpler and faster. Moreover, this product can save you some money on installation costs because you can install it yourself.

MORryde TV56-129H Drop Down TV Wall Mount

MORryde TV56 - 129H Drop Down TV Wall Mount

MORryde is a brand offering a wide range of accessories for a variety of purposes. The company has many products made with the best quality and the MORryde TV56-129H TV mount is one of them. It is designed to securely hold your TV, providing the secure and amazing theater experience you desire. With a range of swivel adjustments, allowing for up to 50° rotation, this best TV mount for above fireplace allows the user to choose the right viewing angle and eliminates any kind of annoying glare on the screen.

Mount-It! Height Adjustable TV Wall Mount

Mount It! Height Adjustable TV Wall Mount

This is a revolutionary design as Mount-It! Height Adjustable TV Wall Mount gives you a new way to mount your TV or computer monitor. This fully adjustable mount is compatible with screen sizes from 25-47 inches. It offers a full-motion design, so you can sit in any corner of the room and enjoy your favorite movie. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy steel, users can be assured of the durability and longevity of this TV wall mount. Plus, three swivel points on the mount provide a flexible range of motion, allowing you to freely move the TV up or down for a comfortable viewing angle. Not to mention, this best TV mount for above fireplace will give you an aesthetic look after the installation as the cable management ensures to keep the cables neatly organized and clean.

With the best TV mount for above fireplace, choosing can be a lot easier for you now. However, irrespective of your selection, always ensure to check every feature to enjoy a great experience. And do not forget to check Coupon4All for more interesting articles and appealing coupon codes for cheaper shopping. 

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