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Want to fulfill your tax obligations, but still save time and a small amount of money when filing taxes? Head to TaxAct and make use of TaxAct discounts to existing customers, TaxAct professional promo code, and others for savings. TaxAct, founded in 1998 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a tax preparation software company that offers a range of tax preparation products, including online and downloadable tax software. TaxAct makes it simple and easy for tax filers, including both individuals and businesses, to prepare and digitally file taxes. The software guides users through a series of questions and prompts, making it easy for them to enter their tax information and complete their returns. 

Major TaxAct’s products

In addition to its tax preparation software, TaxAct also offers a variety of other tax-related products and services, including:

  • TaxAct Self Employment Taxes: This is TaxAct's main product for self-employed individuals. The software includes all the forms and schedules needed to report self-employment income, expenses, and deductions.
  • TaxAct Estates & Trusts: A software for those who need to file taxes for estates, trusts, and other fiduciary entities. It also offers guidance for complex tax situations. 
  • TaxAct Home and Business: This product includes everything in TaxAct Self Employed, as well as additional features for small business owners, such as tools for tracking inventory and calculating depreciation.
  • TaxAct Express: A mobile app for filing simple tax returns.
  • TaxAct Professional Taxes: A tax preparation software for tax professionals.
  • TaxAct Online Assist: Provides users with access to live tax professionals for help with their returns.
  • TaxAct Business Taxes: Being designed for small businesses and includes features like payroll and bookkeeping.

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Customers often ask

What is the TaxAct promo code?

Put simply, the TaxAct promo code is a mixture of numbers and letters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, offered by TaxAct. And customers can apply this code to a qualifying order to enjoy a lower price. 

Does TaxAct release TaxAct discounts to existing customers?

Yes, the company does release many TaxAct discounts to existing customers. Check our TaxAct discounts list and select the best one for your order. 

Can I save with TaxAct discounts to existing customers Black Friday?

Yes. If you receive TaxAct discounts to existing customers Black Friday, please check and use them carefully to save more dollars off. 

Note that TaxAct discounts to existing customers Black Friday have expired at this time of the writing. Check us later or refer to E-file Promo Code Reddit andJackson Hewitt Coupon $75 2024 for discounted prices. 

Can I expect TaxAct discounts to existing customers Cyber Monday?

Sure. TaxAct discounts to existing customers Cyber Monday are released to help customers save a small amount of money when filing taxes with TaxAct. Never miss!

Does TaxAct do TaxAct discounts to existing customers Christmas 2024?

We are not sure whether the company offers TaxAct discounts to existing customers Christmas 2024 or not. But we will continue to follow and share the code if it’s issued in the future. 

How can I redeem a TaxAct professional promo code?

When you have TaxAct professional promo code, you first check if it’s eligible for your transaction or not. If yes, save and enter the code at the checkout step to enjoy discounted prices. Check to get this code before you shop. 

How can I know if the TaxAct promo code for download version is active or not?

TaxAct promo code for download version is only active for a short time, and you have to check the start and end date of the code to know when it expires. Check it now!

Is there any active TaxAct promo code Self Employed?

At present, the TaxAct promo code Self Employed is no longer available. But we will continue to follow this code and share it if it’s available in the future.

Can I make use of the TaxAct download promo code?

As long as the TaxAct download promo code is eligible for your transaction, you can use it to enjoy a lower price. Remember to check its availability before redeeming it. 

For how long is the TaxAct desktop download promo code active?

TaxAct desktop download promo code is often available for a limited time, and you can view its expiration date right on the code. Learn more about it prior to redeeming it. 

Do I qualify to use a TaxAct Business promo code?

Please read the restrictions and T&Cs of the TaxAct Business promo code to know if you can earn more savings by redeeming the code. 

Does TaxAct have a TaxAct Deluxe promo code?

Sorry, we cannot find any TaxAct Deluxe promo code now. Check us later if the code is available!

When can I receive a TaxAct Premier promo code?

TaxAct Premier promo code may be released at certain times, such as on holidays and special events. Follow us daily in order not to miss any hot deals from TaxAct. 

How can I unlock a TaxAct online promo code?

If the TaxAct online promo code is running, you should save and redeem it during the checkout process to lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Never miss!

Is the TaxAct promo code 30 OFF available today?

The TaxAct promo code 30 OFF is no longer available now, but you can try your luck with other codes listed on this page. Check them now and save your bucks!

Current TaxAct promo codes for your reference:

  • Save up to 20% on federal tax preparation compared to TurboTax
  • Enjoy Free $20 Amazing Gift Card for Referring Friend
  • Shop TaxACT Plans from $46.95
  • Receive Free unlimited tax advice for everyone

TaxAct discounts to existing customers - Referring Friends

TaxAct coupon

At the moment, the company offers the "Refer and Earn" program that allows existing customers to share TaxAct with eligible friends and family. 

- Saving amount: If your eligible friend uses online, paid federal products at TaxAct, they will receive a 20% OFF discount, and you also get rewarded. 

- Product limitations: The discount code is available on TaxAct's 2022 Deluxe, Premier, Self-Employed, or All-Inclusive federal products. It's not valid for purchases of state returns. 

- Expire Time: Once you refer your friend successfully, you will receive an email with your rewards. Remember that the rewards are available within 30 days from the date your friend redeems their discount offer. 

- Usage limits: The discount offer is valid once, and cannot be combined with other promotions or offers. 

- Tips to find the code: To find out about TaxAct discounts for existing customers, you can sign up for their email newsletter or follow them on social media. In parallel, check reliable third-party websites for current promotions and discounts from TaxAct.

* Note: Remember that this is a limited-time offer, and the T&Cs, availability, pricing, and more may be subject to change, cancel, or stop without notice. 

How to contact TaxAct

TaxAct’s professionals are always willing to support you. Need help or have any questions, you can contact them at: 

Phone: (319) 373-3600

* The support team is off on the major holidays, including Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day.





File taxes digitally, and redeem the TaxAct Discounts To Existing Customers & Professional Promo Code, special offers, and deals to save your budget. Join in and start saving!