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Founded in 2011 with a vision to revolutionize the way photographers and videographers access equipment, MPB has quickly become a leading name in the camera and photography equipment industry since its inception. With a dynamic CEO at the helm, MPB operates from its headquarters bustling with innovation and customer-focused strategies. Specializing in the resale and trade of high-quality photography and videography equipment, MPB stands out for its commitment to sustainability and affordability. By offering an array of coupons and promotions, such as the MPB Promo Code Selling, MPB camera promo code, MPB Student Discount code, and MPB referral code, MPB ensures that professionals and enthusiasts alike can access the best gear without breaking the bank. Dive into the world of MPB, where quality meets affordability.

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Major Products MPB Provides


Offering a wide range of digital and film cameras, MPB caters to photography enthusiasts and professionals. Each camera is meticulously inspected to ensure superior quality and performance.


MPB provides an extensive selection of lenses for every type of photography, empowering photographers to capture their vision. The lenses are known for their superb clarity and versatility. You can check us for more amazing coupons for photography services and accessories. 


From tripods to camera bags, MPB’s accessory line complements the needs of every photographer. These products are selected for their outstanding durability and functionality.

Trade-In and Resale Services

MPB excels in providing a trustworthy platform for trading and reselling photography equipment. Customers appreciate the ease, security, and value they receive from MPB's services.

MPB promo code selling FAQs

What is the MPB promo code?

Put simply, the MPB promo code is a unique discount opportunity that allows customers to accrue tremendous savings on high-quality photography equipment. It's a gateway to superior deals and promotions, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

For how long does MPB promo code selling last?

You can find the start and end date of the MPB promo code selling to determine when it works best for your online order. Remember to redeem the code during the allowed timeframe for a discounted price. 

Is it acceptable to use an MPB promo code Reddit?

Yes. As long as the MPB promo code Reddit is active and eligible for what you purchase on, save and use it at the checkout step for a discounted price. Always check the availability of the codes found on Reddit before applying them to your order to avoid expired ones. 

Why is my MPB promo code selling Reddit not working?

You can check these possible reasons if the MPB promo code selling Reddit did not work for your order:

  • Expired code: Double-check the promo code's expiration date. Even if you found it recently, it might have expired before you tried to use it.
  • Invalid code: Many sources share promo codes online, but not all of them are reliable. The code you have may be simply invalid.
  • Incorrect code: Note that MPB promo codes are case-sensitive. Check the code again to ensure that you enter or type it exactly as provided. 
  • Used code: Once you applied the MPB promo code selling Reddit to your previous order, it may not work again. Learn more about it.

MPB promo code

Is there any MPB promo code selling Black Friday?

Yes, MPB releases exclusive promo codes for Black Friday, including MPB promo code selling, allowing customers to cash in on some of the year's most incredible deals. These codes unlock access to unparalleled savings on a wide selection of products.

Can I get a deal with an MPB promo code selling Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday often comes right after the Black Friday sale, and you can expect to receive an MPB promo code selling to secure photography gear at unbeatable prices. It's a prime time to upgrade your cameras & camcorders and save significantly.

How to get the MPB student discount code?

Students can cash in on superb discounts by accessing the MPB student discount code. This code offers special pricing and deals, specifically tailored to support the academic community in pursuing their photography passion without financial strain.

Does MPB offer a camera promo code?

Yes. The company frequently offers camera promo codes and deals, enabling photographers to purchase top-tier cameras at reduced prices. The MPB camera promo code is highly sought after for its tremendous value and savings on superior photography equipment.

Where can I find an MPB referral code?

You can join the MPB’s referral program to receive savings with the MPB referral code. This program rewards existing customers with perks and points for introducing new customers to MPB’s outstanding product lines and services.

Enjoy happy online shopping at MPB with “wow” promo codes selling

Free Shipping on all orders

The company provides Fast & Free Shipping for orders within the contiguous US through FedEx Home Delivery. Weekend delivery is also possible. MPB does not ship to P.O. Boxes. 

MPB EDU discount for Students & Teachers

Save your bucks with the Student and Teacher discount at MPB that allows you to earn 5% OFF extra when you sell to or buy from MPB. Verify your student or employee status to enjoy a bargain price.

Special discount code for essential workers

Who is eligible for the discount? MPB offers a 5% discount to NHS, emergency services, military, and charity workers. This discount is applied when you sell or buy used products at

See what customers say about MPB

MPB reviews

MPB has garnered widespread acclaim from its customer base, as evidenced by its impressive presence on the trusted review platform, With over 34,284 reviews, MPB's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through, with an astounding 93% of these reviews being 5-star ratings. This overwhelming majority underscores the exceptional experience customers have with MPB, highlighting the company's dedication to delivering unparalleled service and products in the photography and videography equipment industry.

Delving deeper into the reviews, it becomes clear that many of MPB's patrons are not first-time buyers but long-standing customers who have consistently chosen MPB for their equipment needs. These loyal customers frequently laud MPB's customer service, citing it as a significant factor in their continued patronage. The high level of customer service, characterized by responsiveness, expertise, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction, cements MPB's reputation as a trusted and valued partner in the photography and videography community. 

“Best website for buying and selling!

I've been a customer of MPB for a few years now, both buying and selling my old gear. They have never failed to provide a sterling service and always very helpful. I just purchased a camera but it had a faulty battery charger. MPB resolved my issue within hours, giving me a rebate (no alternative available) plus future discount on gear, no questions asked. I simply cannot get a better service anywhere else.”, T Lim - a Trustpilot reviewer shared. 

“Had an excellent experience with MPB

Had an excellent experience with MPB. The camera I received was in excellent condition for a 15 year old camera - I love it. I ordered the wrong lens for it, so I contacted MPB over email and Danny was extremely helpful in arranging a refund. He even managed to retroactively apply a student discount for on my order, saving me £25. The customer service I received has been the best I think I’ve ever had from an online retailer, and I won’t hesitate to use MPB for cameras, lenses and more in the future. Thank you Danny for your help, you’re a credit to your company.”, FStopKing said about the happy experience with the student discount at MPB. 

Looking for the MPB promo code selling camera code & student discount code, MPB referral code, etc. on this page, and enjoy a happy online shopping experience. 

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